Sofirn SC31 vs SC31B

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Sofirn SC31 vs SC31B

I bought a Sofirn SC31 several months ago, and recently saw that they have introduced an updated model SC31B. I mainly use flashlights in my work and wouldn’t consider myself anything close to an expert, so I’ll leave the in depth technical reviews to the people who know what they are doing. During an email discussion with Sofirn about another flashlight, they asked if I would provide a comparison of the SC31 and SC31B so here goes:

SIMILARTIES: Both flashlights are the same size, and both have the same basic UI. Both have a high quality black anodization, and the on / off switch includes a “breathing” function. If you hold the switch down while the light is off a blue light built into the switch will slowly pulse from on to off and back on again. This function is why I bought the SC31, as I travel a few times a year and it makes it easy to find the light in a dark hotel room.

CONSTRUCTION DIFFERENCES: The only differences I could see are in the design of the head. The SC31 has a round head that could allow the light to roll if the clip isn’t attached. The SC31B has been updated with flat spots machined on the part of the head that contains the switch and charging port, thus preventing the light from rolling. The method of holding the switch into the head has also been changed. The SC31 has a square plate that holds the switch in, with this plate being held in place with four small screws. The SC31B has a more familiar threaded circular piece that is screwed into threads on the head.

LIGHT DIFFERENCES: Sofirn has added a fourth brightness level to the SC31B. The specs I found online for the three level SC31 are 10, 200, and 610 lumens. The SC31B levels are a little different at 10, 150, 400, and 1,000 lumens. I’m not familiar with the different LED’s, but the SC31B I received has a whiter (I believe it would be called “cooler”) light. The beam patterns look about the same when shined on the side of my house at night.

I realize this write up isn’t to the technical level usually seen in this forum, but thought it would be useful to someone who was looking for the basic differences in the two lights.

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Good comparison at a good time considering Sofirn’s national holiday sale.

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Thank you very much. Thumbs Up

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The comparison is very useful. I have the original model SC31 and I did not know what are the differences with the new version of SC31B. Interesting is another distribution of power levels and increase the maximum power to 1000 lumens. I modified my flashlight slightly. He replaced the tube and now I have a Sofirn SC31 mini flashlight for 18350 battery.

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Have both as well.
The older SC31 has a much rosier tint compared to new SC31B.
But the new tint is nice bright white.

Non scientific Quick ceiling bounce test in the small Toiletron test space using both factory supplied batteries at 4.10 volts yields approx this;
Please keep in mind cooler tint is giving more bounce back so it is no real surprise that the SC31 readings are a little low.

Low 8
Med 160
High 490

Low 18
Med 180
High 500
Turbo 1060


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That exactly mirrors my observations. In informal testing, the B has a cooler tint, a more ‘standard’ looking power button, and for lack of a better term, a Turbo mode at the end of the standard brightness levels.

DIY LT1 battery wrap image. "PDF on Google Drive":

Fresh Sanyo NCR18650GAs already wrapped "for sale HERE": if you like.

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This is great. Thank you for the quick overview.

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Very useful information. Looking forward to receiving the SC31B.

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I wished that the new version would have reserved the long press from off to the lowest mode instead of switch-breathing. The breathing function is much less important to me and could be activated by a triple-click or so.

Also, I like the construction of the switch plate with 4 small screws, pity that they abandoned that.

Also, I liked the lower max of the old version that is sustainable without any thermal regulation.

Conclusion for me is that the SC31B, with all Sofirn’s good intentions, is moving towards what any other tube-style 18650 light is doing. For me that is a downgrade.

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For those with no lights at all, SC31B is a serious Cash BUDGET Cash UPGRADE Cash for the muggles on the planet. Get it while you can. Thumbs Up

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The bezel on the new version is easy to open up with a strap wrench. Thumbs Up I couldn’t ever get the old version to budge Angry .

The UI needs improvement, nothing fancy just simple shortcuts to low, turbo and strobe would suffice.

All in all it’s a great gift light.

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Double click from on or off for strobe

The UI is just fine for the intended user … your mom

Considering that it comes with usb charging and bat this light is cheaper than a convoy s2+ Or clones once you add in those costs

And is more user friendly overall when you consider they dont need to take out the bat and plug it into the charger

If the reliability holds up as well as sofirns CS then its fair to say that this light would be yardstick against which all simple sub $20 dollars 18650 lights should be judged against

Not to mention there no big purple halo around the beam like my s2+ Wink