Nobel Prize for Li-Ion battery scientists

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Nobel Prize for Li-Ion battery scientists
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Unlike the farce that the N.P. has become lately, I can get behind these picks.


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I was just about to post the same thing. Very cool story. Those guys changed the world.

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Makes me feel better for spending $200 on batteries in Aug.

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I’m glad these guys lived long enough to see the day, because Nobel Prizes are never awarded posthumously (a grossly unfair rule, in my view) and Professor Goodenough in particular is already 97.

Well done to all three of them, it’s richly deserved.

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For the other N.P. This amazes me Bacterial motors Billions of those nano machines in your stomach. Bacterial motor evolution

For Li-Ion N.P. Celebration I bought 25-30 batteries recent two months. I am against hoarding batteries or buying enough batteries for all my flashlight, I won’t do that. So I wont’t buy more batteries in a two years time.