Xanes 3320 XHP50.2 Brief review and teardown

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Xanes 3320 XHP50.2 Brief review and teardown

Hi BLFers!

I bought this light from Banggood, on their Presale, and it cost me 11USD in their presale.
It includes a non-marked blue 26650 cell, which is under recharge now. It has an IR of 62mOhms, tested in an Opus charger, at 3.85V cell voltage.

Sorry for the mediocre photos, I just wanted to share some in case you are thinking about buying one.
I immediately disassembled it, as I have never seen an XHP closeup.

The body disassembles into 3 main pieces, the tailcap, tube and the head with side switch.

The overall machining is not so great, but not bad either. It has normal 60° threads, but the tube is not reversible. The supplied 26650 cell fits snugly in it.

The most interesting piece is the reflector(for me).

It has inner and outer threads.

The aluminum pill screws into the the back of the reflector, and then this assembly into the body.
It is not a practical approach, as the reflector assembly can thread much farther in than it is needed, so the glass can rattle in there.
Upon assemby, you must be sure to srew it in just as far as needed to still have tension on the bezel and the oring in it.

The XHP50.2 led sits on an ordinary aluminum MCPCB, and has thermal glue underneath.

Reflector is smooth, and not particularly great quality. The glass is not coated.


It has a multi-pcb driver with side switch and USB recharge function.

There are not much components on this driver.
4056C – It must be the charge controller
Unmarked SOIC8 – Some kind of microcontroller?
4x A19T marked small SOT part. They are connected in parralel, and must be the driver mosfets.

The driving currents are interesting, as they are changing with the battery type/charge.

Tested with fully charged Samsung INR18650-35E battery:
High – 7A, but descending.
Medium – 3.7A
Low – 800mA

The included 26650, not fully charged though
High – 5A
Medium – 2.6A
Low – 550mA

I am certainly not expert, but it seems to me that this is a fixed-duty pwm driver, there is no distinguishable low value, high wattage sense resistor on the board, with the highest mode being some sort of direct drive.

The beam pattern up close (1m) is uniform, without artifacts, but outside it has a very slight dark spot in the center.
It is almost unnoticeable, I am not even sure if it is really exist.

I measured the throw with my Smartphone’s built in luxmeter.
It is 19200Cd, which is equal to around 227m of throw.
It has a flood type beam, but still very usable to about 100-120 meters.


I’ve had few flashlights, mainly Convoys and other utilitarian lights, so my experience is limited.
For 11USD with battery, it can be a viable choice for someone not wanting to dive into flashlights.
The red splatter design might be attractive to some people. I still did not figure out the driver’s workings,
but 7A sounds not too shabby.
The overall design, quality and UI is good given the price, but I would not consider it as an interesting piece for a flashlight modder/collector.
I might be wrong.

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I ordered two of them, but cancelled my order.
The main-Reasons: The UI and µUSB instead of USB-C
Both is not so easy to change, although the rest of the lamp seems to be of quite OK quality, especially for the very low price (10.99 American Pesos)

The MCPCB looks like it’s made out of copper, but that can be just the upper layer exposed on the edges?

If anyone can tell us if that is an original Cree XHP50.2 or just a NoName XHP50.2?