Best batteries for Lumintop FW3a and Emisar D4v2

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Best batteries for Lumintop FW3a and Emisar D4v2

Hello all,

I have just ordered an FW3a and a Emisar D4v2 but don’t have any unprotected cells. I was going to order some Samsung 30Q cells but they were out of stock so they recommended Sony VTC6 cells.

Will these have sufficient ampage to run the above flashlights?

Many thanks

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Hi oppositelok.

Samsung 30Q are in stock HERE
They’re a UK seller that I have used a few times now and always good service.
They also sell the Sony VTC6 cells.
Both cells are a good option for the FW3A and D4v2.

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In my experience, VTC6 cells should give slightly more current than 30Q. They are both excellent cells for the D4v2/FW3A, though.

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I’m using 30q’s pretty much in everything – I have a few panny’s and some other ones, but for the most part i just use 30q



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I have been a long time fan of the 30q, that being said… I have a few LG HG2’s and have been happy with them as well. I think as long as one sticks to a name brand cell, from a genuine seller and a cell that is rated for high amps.. you can’t really go wrong.

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