Review: Nitecore New P12 (Tactical, 1x21700, XP-L HD, 2 switches)

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Review: Nitecore New P12 (Tactical, 1x21700, XP-L HD, 2 switches)

I received the New Nitecore P12 from Nitecore for the review. The Nitecore New P12 features a 21700 battery, and packs a XP-L HD V6 emitter, controlled by 2 switches (a mechanical at tailcap, and a electronic one at the head).
With the P12 I received a USB Battery charger, the UI1, capable of charging the 21700 cell.

Here are the boxes of the Nitecore P12 and the battery charger. The box of the battery charger has a coarse finish, compared to the one of the classic Nitecore boxes.

The P12 comes with a button top 4000mAh protected Nitecore 21700 battery (optional choiches are the Nitecore 21700 with rated capacity of 3500 and 5000mAh), a tactical holster, a plastic tube adapter to use in the light 18650 and CR123 (since they are both slimmer than the 21700 battery), lanyard, clip and spares (o-ring, rubber switch cover).

The P12 measures 154 mm in length, with a diameter ranging from the 25 mm of the head to the 27 mm of the tail. The weight is 83g.

Notable characteristics of the New P12: electronic switch at the head and exposed mechanical forward switch at the tailcap, hexagonal section preventing rolling, 3 milled slots capable of hosting the deep pocket carry clip (or the optional tactical ring/clip accessory), battery voltage indicator, output thermal regulation (ATR), varying frequency strobe, 2 working modes (tactical, with strobe, and daily, with storbe and other flashing modes).

The 2 parts composing the New P12. At the tailcap the triangular cut threads are anodised, allowing physical lockout.

The positive contact point is a golden spring, so both button and flat top cells will work.

Even the 18650/CR123 adaptor has a raised contact point for the cells, so it will work with flat top batteries.

Here is the UI

The New P12 Holster is defenetly something different from the regular cordura sheaths. It allows an easier activation, extraction and reinsertion of the light.
The back clip is MOLLE compatible and has an insert that you can use to vary the width of the belt you are using it with, limiting unwanted movement on the belt.
The holster works only with the light inserted with the head facing down, but the light doesn’t need to be rotated in a specific point to be inserted.

Here is the UI1 charger, a micro USB powered li-ion charger, able to charge very long cells, like the protected 21700 (that can measure 75 mm in length), and shorter ones like the 14500. It has a 800 mA max output.

Output and runtime
Measured with the provided cell


My thoughts
The light is well built and finished.
Regarding the output, there is a jump in brightness from the 340 lumens of the mid mode, to the 1200 of the high mode. The ATR system is there and works.
I wish there was a shortcut for highest and or lowest mode. interestingly, this is one of the few lights to have memory mode for strobe. Ideal for tactical application, I guess.
The sheath is really practical and well made, I like it.

The 21700 is the new kid on the block regarding the world of batteries. This is supposed to be the replacement of the 18650 in many industrial application like automotive; and so it is expected to experience the same level of tech growth as the 18650 had in the last years (when I entered the world of flashlights they were hard to find, expensive, with limited capacity and or current delivering proprieties… they have since gone a long way). As this review is written there are available 5000mAh cells, that’s around a 1500mAh increase in capacity when comparing to the biggest in capacity 3500-3600mAh 18650 batteries; and I saw a test where a protected 21700 with 5000mAh rating handled a 7A discharge rate delivering 4500mAh.
We don’t know what the future has ready for these batteries, but for now they are very appealing to whose needs fall short with 18650 cells.
To those who carry their light as an EDC and are worried about the increase in size of the lights (I was one of them when the first EDC 18650 lights were introduced), I can tell that from an 18650 cell to a 21700 there are 5 mm in length and 3 mm in width. Keep in mind that there are protected 18650 cells that are almost 70 mm long (while protected 21700 can measure 75 mm in length).
An indirect advantage from having a 21700 powered light is that the light is going have a higher surface area, that can help handle the heath better.

I would like to see this light come in a neutral white color.
Thanks to: AntoLed, Zampa, Won

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