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Hidden modes

Can’t we all agree that strobe etc. should be options at best, and turbo should simply be the highest light level in the regular UI ? That’s how I feel anyway…

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Probably not...

I say death to disco modes, and keep turbo hidden.

I've used flashlights for my whole life, and have never had the need for disco.

Also, I rarely use turbo because I don't like it when my flashlights get hot.

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I have been trying to play out a scenario in my mind in which the strobe mode would be needed. The only words that keep coming to mind is, “Mobile Rave.” You know you are all thinking it too.

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I never use strobe. I don’t have a use for it. Not even to play with. It’s very annoying to my eyes.

I do like having turbo mode available to me with two clicks of the switch. I use turbo quite often when I walk at night.

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I’ve talked to several not-really-flashaholics, and they seem to like Strobe modes. In fact, they sometimes ask me to recommend flashlights, and they ask if it has a Strobe mode.

So for non-flashaholics, some of them want Strobe. I think Strobe is useful for signalling and getting attention.

However, for me personally, I also dislike the Strobe mode in regular cycle sequence, but prefer if it’s hidden. It’s not used much, but I find it’s useful for getting attention. ;-p

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Moon and Turbo outside regular mode group. If turbo mode was meant to be just high, it would have been called high. And when you’re already in the regular modes, moon becomes useless. Long live Olight, Folomov etc. for seperating special modes.

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Considering that there is no standard for Low, Med, and High. A mode called Turbo is just a way to make you think you are getting something extra. When you are indeed getting the highest mode of the flashlight. Same for moon, firefly………….whatever you want to call it. Makes no difference to me and all of us are use to the highest mode being called Turbo. Makes perfect sense to keep calling it that. Same for moon, firefly………..whatever you want to call it.

The only blinky mode I have ever used is beacon and I can count on one hand how many times I’ve used it. So as long as they are well hidden, they can have as many nausea inducing blinky modes as they see fit.

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All I know is that turbo modes give me warm feelings and the moon lights up the way in front of me with max. 0,2 lx.

Seriously, I think there’s some reasoning behind those names, but yes, there’s no common sense. Like in S1R: If runtime is unstable, it’s turbo. Or in Folomovs EDC C2: Double click and have your battery emptied in no time.

That’s what I mean.

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i can;t think when i have ever used a strobe


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Bike strobe mode is the most-used mode for me by a large margin. On a great day (Apr-Sep), I might use bike strobe for a couple of hours. Only a few lights get used on my bike, and I rarely use strobe modes on edc lights. I do use beacon mode when I’m waiting for a bus in the dark, though.

I’m looking at how hard it would be to put bike strobe into the mode memory of a D4(S?). When wearing mittens, click-click-hold is just too tricky for me.

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From time to time I use the bike strobe when walking with the kids, small town and some streets are not well lit. I wish that it was an option on more lights at something less than full power. I love the FW3A implementation of the bike strobe.

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