Biscotti firmware with lighted tailcap

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Biscotti firmware with lighted tailcap

Hello everyone!

I’ve been browsing this forum for a long long time, but I am accumulating enough questions that I haven’t found answers for, that I figured it was time to join and post.

To get started. I decided it would be “easy as pie” to burn some new firmware into one of my Convoy S2+ lights. I chose the biscotti, got a clip and a usbasp and figured out how to do all of that. The problem is that I chose the one (the only one of several) with a lighted tailcap! And I read that the biscotti doesn’t work with that. I have some inkling of why after spending all day writing test code and playing with an ATtiny13 chip on a breadboard.

But I want to ask — is there a recommended way to mod my driver board so it will run biscotti with this lighted tailcap? Or is there a patched version of biscotti that will work? Or some other firmware that I might use? My driver board is apparently the old Convoy board without stars that has the annoying “blink” during low level to cue you to config the light. But that bridge is burned.

My fallback option is some trivial software that I threw together today that simply runs the PWM in one brightness level all the time. I’ll go with 35 percent probably if I go that route. The whole trick is properly detecting button presses, but asking about that would be my next question.

Thanks for any help, education, etc.