Quality drivers?

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Quality drivers?

So I’m very happy with the form and function of my s2+ with sst-20 but I really want something compatible with primary cells. I’d like to find a driver which would offer better quality/reliability than those on the various bargain Chinese sites. Any suggestions for sources? Mtn doesn’t seem to offer anything with that range of inputs.

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I am at a standstill with several projects due to lack of a good driver. Mountain never has stock of anything other than basic drivers, Lexel can’t sell due to tax issues right now. When I get in a real pinch and need one… I have been building my own. I keep several sizes of boards from our members on hand for OshPark, a handful of basic resistors, caps, 7135’s, FETs and MCUs. You can order preprogramed MCU’s from Mountain and most of the loose parts as well. Some solder paste and a hot air gun or soldering iron and you are in business.

Not a bad skill to develop and worth the effort.

BTW, Mountain does have a section of bucks listed, but not in stock. I hope we are not seeing a sell off and loss of this wonderful store, things just do not come back into stock. I thought he bought a good reflow setup to help maintain stock.
Buck drivers

In 17mm, I have used this driver. It works pretty well and can disable strobe modes. For me KD takes about 3 weeks to get here, but they have always gotten every order to me and memeber BanL is KD or works with KD.
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