ZebraLight SC64c le holster/sheath recommendations?

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ZebraLight SC64c le holster/sheath recommendations?

Has anyone found a nice holster/sheath for a ZebraLight SC64c le? I’m looking for something without a belt fastener if possible. I prefer a clip. Something light that will enclose the whole light. Thanks for your comments.


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I got one of these if you want it. Not very fancy but, it works. I don’t use em. If you are in the US and want it shoot me a PM with a mailing address.

If you are wanting something really nice Ebay has some great looking leather EDC holsters. Maybe one of those sellers/craftsmen can custom make you something. Seen some on Amazon as well for $20ish. Search for leather EDC holster. Bet you can come up with something nice and unique.


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