WTB- Olight S1 Baton 500 lumens -Black-

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WTB- Olight S1 Baton 500 lumens -Black-

If anyone has one they could part with, I am searching. Can be used with minor cosmetic flaw but as long as it’s in perfect working condition. Looking for black standard color only. Box really doesn’t matter.
Not interested in “exclusive” or limited edition models, (e.g. TI, Copper, Brass, etc.)

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If you’re still looking, there’s one for sale here

Seeking the light.

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Looked it up on Amazon to jog my memory of what it is. Olight has a way of confusing me with their model numbers. Less than $40 on Amazon by the way. I could have swore I had one. I have started looking for it. I may have gave it away or sold it but I could have swore I still had it. If I find the little fella I’ll PM you.

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