More Banggood Delays

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More Banggood Delays

I ordered a Conway S2+ and 2 sets of magnets 10/2. Marked as “Shipped” 10/3. Of course, it has not left the facility. Paid $2 on a $16 order for “Air Parcel Registered” so I can track it when it actually ships.
I can understand things being back-ordered, I just hate to be lied to. BG is moving way down the list of preferred sources.

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Oct/02/2019 12:04:26 Oct/02/2019 12:05:01 Oct/02/2019 12:06:14 Oct/03/2019 09:34:58

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Sofirn is doing the same thing on their aliexpress store Wink

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Was it shipped from there us based location ?