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Custom Light Bar

Hi guys,
New here as a member, but browse through kinda often.

Currently in need of a light bar that doesnt break the bank and meets some specific criteria. I have been searching around on google but havent found exactly what I need. So heres the criteria:
-38W max power available from stator @ 12V
-most lumens out of the smallest package (and with limited available watt/amps?) so would need to use xhp70.2 chips?
-finned heat sink will not be used or needed, application will be on a snow machine so it will be operated at temps 30°F and down

Is there an easy mod that I can do to a cheap lightbar of just dropping in the xhp70.2 and switching out the drivers if needed?
Is there any members on here who do that from who I could buy?
I do have basic knowledge of electricity and soldering, but dont really know anything about all these LED chips and drivers.

My reason for trying to build it myself is to save some cash. Im not an expert in this arena, nor am I trying to bash on anyone or any brand, but I honestly think that paying almost $500 for a (BD) light bar with 6 led chips is a rip off when a xhp70.2 chip retails for 15$…. correct me if Im wrong.

Thanks in advance

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Drivers are most likely the problem, Mrsdnf used the rusian drivers for his build and i’ve used them
for the build I did ,others have also used them. it is not hard to spend a bit of coin on a build,
when you add materials and your time.

sorry all images down
thanks photobucket

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Richard @ mtn electronics started building them under the mtn litebar product name. They look exactly like what you’re describing, and I have to say I’ve wanted an 18” or 30” for quite some time. His results appear to be the real deal and embarrass any competitors. Now I guess break the bank is relative, but my wife certainly wont let me invest Smile