Looking for Warm AA, Hi CRI, No PWM...

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Looking for Warm AA, Hi CRI, No PWM...

Hi! My favorite AA EDC flashlights have been the L10 and L11C from L3 Illumination. They are wonderfully simple. They default to the lowest setting without memory. They can be had with or without moonlight. Neither use PWM. Both are still available with 4500K Nichia emitters and while that’s a good versatile temperature, I find myself wanting a warmer light for night use.

Searching by tint or color temperature is sadly difficult. So help me out. Can we get a list going for good AA lights with warmer tints, high CRI, and no PWM?

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Check out http://parametrek.com/ It is a flashlight and gear search engine that allows you to search by whichever parameters you desire.

I found 0 results putting in “Warm White” color LED and AA Battery. I think you may need to find a light you like and either perform or have someone perform an emitter swap. There are some nice 219B SW30K emitters out there if you’re game.