Which Light For $Billion Dollar Jewelry Heist?

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Which Light For $Billion Dollar Jewelry Heist?

I'm thinking a headlamp would be more convenient (looks like he had to swing the axe or hammer while holding the light).

What would you take?


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Bonus points if you can guess the BLF user that did it. Innocent

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For a billion dollar jewelry heist, I would bring two lights: a workhorse budget light for doing the nitty gritty job, and a trit encrusted titanium jewelry light for emergency backup. 

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If I were to do it again I would take IR headlamp + thrower together with matching goggles.

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As you have to schlepp the loot on the way out, I would choose a light that self-destructs. Like an Imalent. Leaving no evidence. Maybe it burns the whole place down. Even less evidence.

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For this kind of job I would take an $8 ebay chinese 5,000lm CREE zoomie and leave it on the scene.

Upon further investigation they would realize there is no way it was me. Big Smile

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I'd take a Fenix Headlamp and a Surefire p60. You wouldn't want to risk your light breaking down during such high stress situations like this . why would anyone risk their lives with budget junk lights ..

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Before the heist a sofirn because they are cheap, then after go buy an olight because they are expensive! Big Smile

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I would bring the highest candela light I could find and mount it on a tripod. point it right at the security camera and get to work. Just kidding, a good headlamp, definitely Big Smile