ACEBEAM New Arrival: K65-GT

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ACEBEAM New Arrival: K65-GT


By using a LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED, K65-GT is able to generate up to 6500 lumens of illumination and 707281cd peak beam intensity. As a professional grade searchlight, K65-GT produces a beam that can reach to 1682 meters. Good to have 6 brightness levels: Ultra-Low / Low / Mid 1 / Mid 2 / High / Trubo and special Strobe function. ECO and POWER modes can be exchanged by using the one-for-all metal switch for everyday and search&rescue needs. Powered by four high-current ACEBEAM ARC18650H-310A batteries, k65-GT can run reach up to 7.5 days max run time. The included attachable aluminum handle offers an alternative carrying option. Acebeam K65-GT super bright multipurpose searchlight is the best choice when hunting, search & rescue, securing, caving etc.
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Nice looking light for sure, and with the new Luminus emitter quite the performer!

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When the light will be available?

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Got mine this week, it’s great. Much smaller than the K75, with a slightly less focused, but very similar beam.

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