Functionality of strobes on twisty keychain lights

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Functionality of strobes on twisty keychain lights

This is something I’ve wondered about for awhile, but I just accepted it as the way manufacturers do things. But I think I’ll go ahead and ask.

I have an Astrolux A01 that might work well for my keychain except for its annoying strobe mode. After every two cycles of the three main modes, the strobe comes on. I never use it, so it’s just a nuisance. What I’m wondering is whether _anyone _finds a use for strobes with that kind of UI. I’d think if you needed it to ward off an attack, for instance, it would take too long to cycle through the modes to be useful. Does anyone use the strobe in this kind of light?


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The only way strobe would save you in an attack is if the attacker saw the feeble strobe on an AAA light, and started laffing so uncontrollably that you could just walk away puzzled but somewhat grateful.

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I thought they’re meant as a beacon or like a bike light.

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Actually, the real use of the strobe on the A01 is to wake up all the people in your house when you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Davie

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I have never came across an article or blog stating they warded an attack with a strobe. If anything, this gives the predator a beacon to fix on the prey. As for a human, bringing a knife to a gun fight is ludicrous.
Bike strobes are supposed to be slow (these are regulated in Germany) as they are more of a nuisance to oncoming cars than a helpful tool for the rider – not much illumination.
In short, I believe the female Asiatic community have a psychological sense of defense against “sharking”.

Reading some reviews about some lights here on the forum, when a member wishes for a strobe option or conveniently accepts the flashing mode in the main menu, they set themselves to the multitude of ignorance, albeit some spam.

I don’t particularly buy any light with strobes. I got into this modding business to replace drivers for an otherwise good light.

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I find that “Every seventh twist” strobe to be quite annoying, but I have used the strobe on the Astrolux A01 (keychain light) as a pedestrian in crosswalks on busy streets, and it does get noticed by drivers (at least by the drivers who aren’t chatting on cell phones or eating breakfast), when I’ve foolishly left the house without pocketing one of my larger strobe-capable lights.

Living in an area where older pedestrians are either spry or dead, I always want to be carrying a strobe when I’m crossing the street.

I“d much prefer a less annoying hidden strobe, maybe twist right for LMH and twist left for strobe. Too complicated to build I suppose.

I’ve been thinking what I really am going to need as I get older is a cane or walker fully covered with COB light strips. Batteries inside the tube, switch on the handle.

Also, I’ve been thinking of carving a fake cinderblock out of styrofoam and painting it gray, and carrying that visibly when walking, to make drivers hesitate about bumping me off the street for fear of getting it through the windshield.