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BANGOOD Came Through

Recently bought an item from Bangood which turned out to be faulty, after answering a couple of questions & posting a video to display the problem, a Full Refund was issued to me, can’t fault that kind of service, I feel I can be confident in buying from them again after the service I received. Thumbs Up

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You had a very different experience with Banggood than I did recently. An Astrolux MF01S Banggood sent me (which took over a month to arrive) was seriously defective. I provided all the information and proof Banggood Customer Service asked for: pictures of the shipping label, SKU code, pictures of the light and batteries used (sets of new, fully charged Samsung 30Qs and other 18650 cells, flat top and button top), and five videos proving some of the malfunctions (e.g. side switch wouldn’t turn off light, light ramped up or down in brightness without touching the switch, light turned on without even touching the switch or flashlight, rapid flashes, light wholly unresponsive to side switch, etc.). I requested a full refund and for Banggood to provide me with a prepaid shipping method to return the useless MF01S. Banggood refused so I had to open a PayPal dispute (which was an ordeal since I purchased the MF01S using PayPal “guest checkout” before I had a PayPal account). I had to pay $23.50 to mail the MF01S back to Banggood on January 6. I provided the USPS tracking number to PayPal and Banggood. I still haven’t received a refund. I don’t understand why I had to pay expensive return shipping (postage to China is far greater than postage to the USA from China) instead of Banggood when it was their responsibility to send me a functional product. Despite the fact Banggood has a U.S. warehouse which carries the MF01S, I was required to mail the defective MF01S to China.

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I had an order gone wrong. First it was backordered for two months. When I finally asked them to cancel it, suddenly it shipped. When it eventually arrived, it was not the right items. It took a lot more than the one e-mail it should have, including having to restart the process twice because banggood just stopped replying, but eventually I got a refund.

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I ordered an Astrolux EC01 last year, and I suspect the usps just hosed the delivery. It got all the way to my local post office, then got returned to sender in a neighboring town. But nobody would take responsibility. I ordered a replacement, and they offered to refund the price of the replacement.

The problem is usually communication. Getting them to actually understand the issue (they tried to get me to return the item I never received for a refund Question ) is tricky. But I’m pretty sure I’ve had another issue that was resolved, but only after some unsuccessful attempts.