LG Battery wont work in FW3A

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LG Battery wont work in FW3A

Brand new to this forum but getting more and more into flashlights recently!

I have some Samsung 18650’s on order for the Stonewashed Ti FW3A I picked up this week… absolutely love this light (had the grey alu. one but wanted the Ti).

While waiting on the samsungs to show up, I found this LG 18650 (LGDBHE21865) flat top laying around the house but I can not get the light to turn on with this in.
I tried all the troubleshooting on the fw3a thread but still no light.

The light blinks when I screw the head down, but nothing happens when hitting the switch. Yes i made sure the battery is fully charged, and yes I made sure the light wasn’t locked out.

From researching this battery online, this should power the fw3a fine correct?

Any insight helps, thanks BLF!

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Try to tighthen also the tailcap screw it might be work…

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make sure the head and tail are full tighten, since it blinks it doesnt seem broken.

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blinking once, means the main contact has been made, but the signal tube is not connected yet[the inner one].

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