Tail Cap Glowing Blue - How to turn off? Tool AA 2.0

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Tail Cap Glowing Blue - How to turn off? Tool AA 2.0

The tail cap button in my Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 has a light in it. How do I turn it off? How much electricity will that blue light burn? Drain the battery in days, weeks?

Also, how do you get it to stay at the same intensity? With convoy you just let the light run for 3 seconds and then it knows what you like. With the Tool it seems to be at a different intensity each time.

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Just a guess, but probably between 2 to 6 months on. The intensity should be close to the same, it’s set by the current limit resistor’s on the switch pcb.
You can double or quadruple the resistor value by changing it out to give you double or quadruple the on time. By raising the resistor value the leds intensity will lower.
I dont like my lighted tail switch to bright so I usually use something around 100k. Experiment in value to see what you prefer.
If you need to turn it off unscrew the tail or head until it shuts off. A more permentant way would be to remove the resistors, if you dont want the feature at all.

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The Tool AA 2.0 I believe has mode memory. Meaning whatever level you turned it off in, it will come back on in. Unless there is some special edition I wasn’t aware of. Just had to check mine, it indeed has mode memory. I think the only Tool that has the lighted tail cap is the new Ti version. Again, I’m not sure about that either. I don’t know if that Ti Tool has a different driver or not. One things for sure, mode memory or not, it shouldn’t come on in a random mode every time. What does your manual say about that?

Enjoy the lighted tail cap if you like it. You can always swap it out with a non lighted tail cap. Or if you are handy, take moderators advice.

Forgot to add. If you don’t want the tail cap lit up while you aren’t using it or carrying it. A slight unscrewing of the tail cap should shut if off while not in use.

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I didn’t care for the lighted tailcap either on mine but my daughter wanted it on her Panda tool so we switched. She has the lighted one and I have the the standard black one. You could turn the tailcap or head a little and it will go out or do what I did and just switch it with a standard one. The tailcaps on the titanium and aluminum lights are identical.

Or just use a AA battery, the lighted tailcap only works with a 14500.

As far as the memory is you need to keep the light on for at least two seconds for the memory function to work.

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In order to turn it off, you will need to remove the switch and disconnect the resistor(s) or LED. Blue LEDs are actually quite efficient, not as efficient as green, but pretty good. The blue tailcap in my JAXMAN E2L draws just 0.21 mA, so it lasts 1.6 years with a Samsung 30Q battery.

Have you tried to measure the current?

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