SSC C9WT803 90CRI LEDs - any good?

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SSC C9WT803 90CRI LEDs - any good?

I found these online for $5 for 100pcs in SMD3020, they seem to be old stock (datasheet is 2011). What’s the catch? they are low efficiency?
1800-1900mcd / 5lm @20ma

obviously no use for flashlights but could be used to make LED strips


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$5 / 100 pieces (plus shipping) for a fairly low power led and what's the catch? There's no catch, bear also in mind the involved efforts (which is money).

You could, for example, get some package(s) of Duris E5 CRI95 (5730, 150 mA nominal current or ½ W) or some other high CRI leds from pargos shop and that would be cheaper and make your life easier.

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