Emisar d4s optics questions

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Emisar d4s optics questions

1: Where would you buy these from, I found Mauser, but 2 I was looking at had almost the same price shipping as the 2 optics themselves. I’d really like a US dealer that doesn’t require me ordering like 65 of them at once. I was looking at the ledil angie W and M model, the stock uses the S.
2: How much does it effect the beam, could it turn a throwier beam into a floodier one
3: Does having a wider beam reduce the green of the sst 20, or does it not really have an effect. Not really a question about the d4s optics, but just optics and reflectors in general. I ask this because I’ve noticed that a sst 20 without anything has most of the green go to the side, and produces a very pleasant light, until its all combined into a beam where the green, and other artifacts come together.

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