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Outstanding Customer Service

Just thought I’d post my recent dealings with customer service at Armytek.

I had originally bought a Armytek Wizard pro used from someone here on BLF, it was brand new not used (or very lightly as no marks at all) with the XH-P50 WHITE LED.

I have had quite a few head torches over the years and they are well used, some days they can be on for 6 hours plus. Some like today maybe an hour.
I had Skillhunt H03 which died then a few Nitecore HC30 then HC33 which were way to “spotty” for close up work.

I saw the Armytek on here for sale and it looked a good bit of kit. It has served me well working on vans, trucks and trailers but did get knocked about (along with my head) so one day it fell from my work trousers to the floor causing the lens to smash.

I contacted Armytek CS about if I could order a new lens ( I did say I had dropped it causing it to break) to which they said that it is covered by the warranty.

They said if I post the empty tube to Germany they would send a replacement, and I could pick a 15EURO gift from the accessories they have in return for my cost to send it , so after a delay on my part ( I really needed it over dark winter months) I sent it to the address.

Victoria in customer services contacted me again to say they had the torch and do I want a WHITE or WARM LED in the replacement?

I changed to a WARM LED as they are better for picking out colours in wiring looms. After 5 days approx (Today) the package arrived and upon opening there is a brand new Wizard complete with box all accessories inc a new battery and a Handy C1 pro charger as my freebie.

This has to be the best customer service I have ever had for any product I own and will tell everyone at work how good they are.

Big thanks to Victoria for her help in sorting this.

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That’s a rockin’ story right there, put a smile on my face Smile

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