Help me find a Deep Red LED Light Bulb

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Help me find a Deep Red LED Light Bulb

I’ve previously used 25W red incandescent bulbs for winding down at night. My local store stopped carrying them. I tried the LED equivalent and it was terrible. Instead of a soft, deep red; it was more of an orange. It appears to be a cool white LED inside a red plastic dome. I know there are red emitters. There is an interesting discussion of deep red in the flashlight section. So where can I find that in a standard-sized bulb?

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look for grow lights, 660nm is what used for indoor growing

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It looks like everything I see that shows up when you search on E27 LED bulb is just what you found – a red envelope with white LEDs inside. I do see E12 candelabra base corn bulbs with red color SMD 3014 LEDs. You would need an E27 to E12 adapter (cheap and readily available). The bulb with shipping costs about $5 and the adapter is a dollar including shipping. Output is “predominately” Red: 615-620NM 3W Note that dimmable LED bulbs require LED dimmers, not the standard one used for incandescent bulbs. If you already have it on a dimmer circuit it probably will not work with the existing dimmer.

Light bulb – Ebay Item 172735400654 (just cut and paste number in the eBay search box)
Adapter – eBay Item 133073565356

It is red when lit and clear when unlit so it is a genuine red LED.

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