What's the brightest G9 LED available?

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What's the brightest G9 LED available?

Trying to get some LEDs for a fitting as the current ones are a bit dismal – can anyone recommend a good and bright LED G9, What about these brands https://bestrobotsguide.com/best-g9-led-bulbs (doesn’t need to be dimmable).



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There are many bright LED corn bulbs with the G9 base available especially if you are willing to use overseas sellers. A quick look shows Ranpo LED corn bulbs in 110V, non dimmable, up to 25W using 5630 LEDs, 1150 lumens in warm white or 1250 lumens in cool white for $2.50 a bulb including postage for the 25W version. I have used this brand in light fixtures. You may find 25W to be overkill though.

Example seller on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/E26-E27-E12-E14-G9-GU10-5730-SMD-LED-Corn-Bulb-9W-12W-18W-25W-Light-White-Lamp/311895092318?hash=item489e656c5e:m:mGLFTd-R0v0cOYbRjxBQULA