A new european battery database

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A new european battery database

If you are familiar with my existing battery database you know that it is limited to suppliers who ship from within the US. There are frequent requests to add NKon but that would just get frustrating for everyone using it. Shipping li-ion across the ocean gets complicated after all. Instead why not a database dedicated to europe:


There are a couple of new ideas that I am trying out here.

  • Normal and bulk pricing are on the same page instead of being split across 2 pages. Remember to set the MOQ (minimum order quantity) slider if you aren’t interested in getting 500 Sanyos.
  • Updates are based around Patreon contributions.

Since I don’t live in Europe I personally don’t have a need for a european battery database. But someone else did. They were giving me $5 and wondered if it would be possible. I started poking away at it. An hour here and there. Now it is ready to use. Every couple of months I’ll update the inventory and prices.

It would be nice with more than just Nkon and more frequent updates. If additional people support the work via Patreon then I can do those.

The next supplier I’d like to add is Akkuteile. And there are also a lot of little shops but I can’t tell which are good. Are there any other suppliers I should have on the todo list?

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NEW: US battery database and European battery database

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Yes, please. This makes me happy. Akkula.fi is very popular in Finland, but the target market is probably too small.

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maukka wrote:
Yes, please. This makes me happy. Akkula.fi is very popular in Finland, but the target market is probably too small.

i buy from akkukauppa , they have a few cents different price to akkula

i think i bought something from akkula in the past though

both really good companys

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Fw1a pro might help in the situation !

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Need to see this on the PC.

Great idea!

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