Fatty Fell but is Fine - unintended drop test

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Fatty Fell but is Fine - unintended drop test

I had my WK30 “Blue Fatty” out on the wall today solar charging (Humpty Dumpty sunning himself) and a big Oklahoma springtime wind came through and Fatty went crashing to the concrete patio 4 ft below.

Nary a nick and works just fine all modes and all 3 emitters.

IMHO really is a nice, useful light.

I hate it when a flashlight takes a crash like that, though I know most are supposed to be built to take it.

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Nice to hear there was no damage.

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Just rig up a parachute and you can tan it on the same wall again.smile

But no thank goodness your flashlights in one piece!smile Hope your blood pressure is back to normal now.

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