burned out led bulb? turn it into a usb bulb!

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burned out led bulb? turn it into a usb bulb!

this should work with any bulb having an aluminum inner body and emitter plate or an external heatsink.
most diffusers just pull off but may need a bit of force.
using force keeps the finished unit looking nicer than boogering it up prying.
from there its simple.
gut the bulb and keep the heatsink plate and body.
mount the emitter of your choice on a star and center on the plate the led board sat on.jb kwik 5 minute steel filled epoxy is a decent thermal adhesive.
select a 2-3w resistor based on desired current.
2-5.6 ohm is the range i have used.
resistor goes in series with led.
use red and black leads of usb.
push out the base contact and pass the usb cable through the hole. tie knot to prevent pullout.
when you are satisfied with the results run a bead of jb kwik around the interface between the plate and funnel.
snap on the dome and enjoy!
mine are running just shy of 1a with a 2.2 ohm.
this with a nichia 219c 4000k 83 cri.