LUMINTOP 10 years Anniversary Giveaway

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LUMINTOP 10 years Anniversary Giveaway

Hello BLF members

I am honored to represent Lumintop to run the giveaway
2020 is the 10th years of Lumintop in flashlights. during this time, lumintop has make many amazing flashlights
and got many supports from our forum.

for thank you and celebrate the 10th anniversary, we run this giveaway. to join the giveaway:

need to post a picture of the item you have which from Lumintop like 1)Lumintop Brand items 2) GT series:GT,GT70,GT90,GT MINI ,GT Micro, GT MINI pro 3) FW3A series: FW3A,FW3C,FW3T,FW3S,FW1A,FW1A pro ,FW21


1)1 LM10 2)1 FW3T 3)1 Prince copper 4)1 FW3S 5)1 EC05 6-10)1pcs GLOW1 each

total 10 prizes for 10 winners.

*3.Rules *

1)Giveaway Period: 8th April 2020 – 18th April 2020.
2)Registered to BLF before 8th April 2020.
3)Each account has one chance.
4)Winners picked by at 18th May(after talked with Lumintop,Extend one month because the COVID-19 so that more members can join )

4.special prize: Lumintop will choose one which is the most meaningful picture,
the owner can get a LM10. this one will be chosen by Lumintop.

5.Lumintop LM10 Group Buy will start tomorrow,pls sub the group buy thread

Good luck to everyone!

you can edit your picture until the deadline

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Thanks for the giveaway!

FW3A with short 18350 tube. Because it is small, but still powerful.

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The Tool AA 2.0 has been on my pocket since some months ago Party
The Tool 25 will be soon, after some mods Evil

Tools among Tools Wink


Thin and relatively small for AA/2xAA lights, I like these lights a lot Wink

Thanks for the GAW Neal and Lumintop!
I hope you’re doing well!!

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In Thanks! It’s probably the aaa tool, but maybe the tool25. will post pics later.

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TOOL AA2.0 Ti. It was so beautiful.

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(Photo stolen from the net)

The GT Mini is my favorite thrower!

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FW1A Pro. Compact and powerful with a brightness of 3500 lumens. Gorgeous design

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Lumintop GTmini. The smallest flashlight and the farthest distance in the world.

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In! (pic swiped off the interweb)

Got 2 ‘minis and 3 ‘micros. Can’t risk being without at least 1 of each. LOL

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not mine

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In , fw3 is my favourite
Join my Facebook FW3/4/1 selling and buying group guys

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FW3A Love

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Specifically the purple version, and with the washer mod on the button.

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My FW3Ti/18350 BUG

Because it’s sooo freaking cute… Big Smile

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Happy 10th Anniversary Lumintop! 10 great years – here’s to 10 more! Congratulations!


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I love flashlights with original ideas!

Sorry for my poor english.

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Thanks for the GAW, Neal, and happy 10th anniversary to Lumintop!

I will say the HL3A just because I have a thing for angle lights:

I am also intrigued by the Glow 1. The appearance will take some getting used to for me, but I applaud the very useful 40 lumen single mode with 1h10m rated max runtime instead of chasing lumens in the race to the shortest runtimes!

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I love my GT Mini shorty. Though I am disappointed that the reflector can’t focus smaller LEDs like Osram Boost HX.
But my pick here is a light I don’t have (yet?), FW4A shorty:

Reason? Superb performance-to-size, superb UI. Though it really misses RGB aux LEDs. Silly

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I like the HL3A. I don’t know why, but I find it funny about how it looks Smile
Actually I don’t have any Lumintop lights, but the Fw3a is on my wishlist Smile

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Tool AAA Ti.

It’s almost pocket jewelry.

Seeking the light.

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Im in.
Love this FW4A flashlight, would like to get one in the future.

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FW3A. Used everyday since purchase!

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My EDC for a long time now has been the FW3A.

It's an amazing flashlight with a great UI and a tail switch (something I have to have).

This isn't my photo, but I put parts of this photo in my signature.

I cannot wait for the FW21 PRO to replace my FW3A as my EDC.  :THUMBS-UP:

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A true masterpiece!



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I like the FW series, but dont own any yet, TK purple is my favorite
Question is the meaningful photo prize meant to be a separate photo, or something else

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Sometimes less is more.

The compact "Lumintop Tool AA 2.0" is what ended up in my travel bag, but it is probably very lonely in there (until I start traveling again) and would not mind some company from one of these giveaways.

From a previous post (post #10), this is why I chose the "Lumintop Tool AA 2.0":

Thank you Neal for representing Lumintop and running this giveaway.


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I didn’t know i had so many Lumintop lights actually. Love them! Love

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I’m in….
No stolen pictures here.

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I`m in

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