Emisar D4V2 Review Supplement (the pickier details)

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exfever wrote:
I did a search on reddit and I am not the only one facing this issue, I just hope for more users facing the issues to post more details so we might figure out a fix.
I understand why you’d guess its a hardware issue but could any Electrical engineers chime in what causes it?

Every function of my light is working as expected so it’s hard to send it back and claim its faulty.

Just how low were your cells getting? Dropping to ~4V fairly quickly from 4.2V will happen to an li-ion cell without even being in a light.

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yeah I understand how fast they drop voltages from 4.2, I did measurements on the cells everyday and on average am losing 0.1v every day till they hit 3.4v and I took the batteries out
so that was roughly a week of standby in low aux mode.