Good thrower with a bit of flood.

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Good thrower with a bit of flood.

Hello all. First post here but have been lurking for some time.

I have the Klarus XT20 and it really has impressed me with it's output not only flood but also decent throw.

I am now looking for something that has throw with some decent flood.

I have been reading all the posts about the ultimate throwers both aspherical and non-aspherical. My concern with the former is that the beam is so tightly focused that I may not enjoy it as much as one with a little more spill. What combination of the DBS V2 with aspherical and non aspherical heads would give me the best of both worlds by alternating between heads?

On the non-aspherical side I have been looking at the Crelant 7G5, Fandyfire STL-V6, Solarforce MPP-1,UniqueFire HS-801, TN11 and a few others.
The lego ability of the Dereelight is appealing though.

Single 18650 from a size point of view would be a bonus, an option to add a second 18650 would be an even bigger bonus.

Of course if it's really inexpensive then it may not be worth over analyzing and to just buy one of them!!

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Here's a couple links with a lot of ideas on throwers, maybe it will help.

BLF Thread on Throwers

Dedicated thrower thread


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Welcome to our board.  My best thrower is my Olight M3X.  It has the ability of either one or two 18650 batteries.  Decent spill but more of a thrower.

Fenix TK41 is just about as good at throw and it has more spill.  You may or may not like the 8xAA batteries but you can use it on 4xAA batteries in a pinch.  

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Old-Lumens has given you some great resources, may take you a week to read through the CPF thread though! Smile

I'm no expert on throwers, but I'll offer a suggestion that you should consider: Solarforce M8

It's a thrower, but not really dedicated. It has a rather unique reflector that's small part Orange Peel for flood but the rest is mirror finish, plus it's large and deep. Throws well, but also gives off a mild even flood and it can be operated in 1x or 2x 18650 configurations. Nice Review here.

Another to consider is the Xintd L2 for the 1x or 2x flexibility, just not sure about it's throwing capability.

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Thanks for the welcome and suggestions.

Believe me, I have done a lot of reading both here and on CPF. I just wanted to post a question specific to my needs and from what I have read to other's needs as well.

Keep the first hand recommendations coming.