I just ordered the MOAZ Lights - Mother of all Zoomies

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I just ordered the MOAZ Lights - Mother of all Zoomies
…was on the wagon for a couple of years, then wham, fell off and ordered the Mother Of All Zoomie lights. How it happened: I pulled out an old torch and saw the battery was dead, so I charged it; then charged another, then found other torches and charged them. Then wondered if they’d made any advances on zoomie flashlights and found this one. It takes TWO 26650 batteries to run it, has XHP70 emitter, and claims 200,000 lumens – which might be a slight Chinese exaggeration. It’s about 25cm long and has a 6cm head.

edit: trying to figure out how to post photos

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Just post what it is or a link… If you asked to check it out before ordering we could of talked you out of it and into something decent Beer

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Haikelite has had a 2×26650 XHP35 zoomie for a while. I reviewed it and found the performance pretty solid if you need a light like that.

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