Recommendation for USB Rechargeable Headlamp?

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Recommendation for USB Rechargeable Headlamp?

Looking for some recommendations on USB charging headlamps.
Want some thing quite small, 250 to 350 lumens would be nice.
With at least 3 output levels, with a nice loooow low.
Dont need any blinking or red output modes.
Dual beam pattern is fine, but prefer more of a flood beam.

I have a Nitecore NU20, which I love the form factor of, on high its not bad, but doesnt have very good runtime on high.
Saw the Black Diamond Revolt 350 which looks like a nice option. Thats also about the largest I want it to be also.

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How about the Eagle Eye X1R? Max 400 lumens (also 3 brightness settings), with built-in USB charging, except by itself it is an L-shaped flashlight, but doesn’t include a headstrap. (the Convoy headstrap, which is sold separately seems to fit the X1R)