Hello from Brazil

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Hello from Brazil


I got my first LED flashlight 05 years ago. It is an xm-l LED zoomie and I really like using it to pull out some “Wow!” of friends.

Despite being compact, in fisheries, this light blinds everyone, even the boat pilot.
So I bought a nitecore NU17 headlight. excellent, small, light, red light, hi CRI. Everything just right for you.

After so many years, it seems that my little zoomie is no longer impressive. I’m missing that WOW !!!
Has anyone felt this?

So I decided to buy another companion and a salad of letters and numbers filled my head: MT40, FT03, ROT66, M3, C8, SP36, E07, MF1 … in short, everything a small budget could have.

Today I bought the complete Q8 Sofirn kit with batteries, charger, holster and diffuser for USD $ 58.99 + $ 10 shipping to Brazil.

The main reason for choosing the Q8 was the possibility of modifications. I count on the help of you to explore all that this light has to offer.

Thank you.

sorry but i don’t know how to post photos.

Nitecore NU 17
Zoom TD-36

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Hi and welcome Clayson.
The Q8 is a terrific light, even without mods its a real wow light.


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Hello Clayson.
I am also from Brazil and I also had a cheap zoomie as my first “cool” light. But ever since I joined BLF, my wallet has taken a severe hit. I am up 17 lights and counting. If you need any help getting things in the country just holler! Podemos até falar em português mesmo kkkkk. But I have some suggestions for you right away. If you are on a budget look no further than Convoy on AliExpress. Search for Simon store there and he will get you a 15% discount on whatever you like. His lights are simply awesome quality for the price! I have 6 myself and already planning on the next two… Astrolux makes some pretty incredible stuff as well! The FT03 is AWESOME for the price… Basically a steal… hit me up if you need anything. Cheers.

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Could always buy a Wowtac, eh? Has it built right into the name!

And yeah, I’m getting tired of letter-salad for light names. I want names like The Rhino and The Squid to describe lights and give them “personality”.

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Thanks for stopping by, Clayson!


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Thanks for the welcome!

With the tips in the raccoon city post, I found a way to post photos. Soon we will be able to meet in a revision or modification.

Very good to know that there are other Brazilians here too and I thank you for your attention.

ps: sorry for the english mistakes of the Google translator.

Nitecore NU 17
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Welcome to BLF, fellow BR!

The first cool lights I had were those two-stage plastic ones with 4 or more LEDs and the wall plug at the back, remember those? Always had one in my pocket during middle and high school. Because of them I had not much love for zoomies, and the first wow light I bought was a Thrunite TN12 2014. That was a real light cannon for back in the day!

Nowadays I got tired of chasing lumens and the associated prices, after all look at the USD-BRL exchange rates. Plus, I never make actual use of more than 500 lumens, heck even 100 is a bit of a rarity. So I settled with Convoy after Biscotti came out in 2016. Got two S2’s in 4000K XM-L2 (one with a driver swap), a C8 in 4500K, an M1 in 3300K, an S2+ with 219C, an M2 with 5000K SST20, and now there’s an S2+ with a 2700K SST20 heading my way.

Lightbringer wrote:
Could always buy a Wowtac, eh? Has it built right into the name!

Wowtac Amazon doesn’t deliver to us Sad

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Welcome to BLF Clayson! The Q8 should be a great flashlight. Let us know what you think of it when you get it.

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Bem vindo Clayson, também sou do Brasil…. existem muitas luzes especiais por aqui, dificil de escolher. Você terá que dar um jeito no orçamento…as coisas andam caras para serem enviadas para cá. A pouco tempo conheci esse cara ele faz coisas bem interessantes…recentemente adquiri uma luz dele e estou aguardando receber, o custo para nos do Brasil não é baixo, mas vale a pena dar uma olhada… você terá muitos WOWSSS


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Welcome to BLF! Smile

The Q8 will definitely bring back the wow factor you experienced years ago.

Next you may want to look at a Emisar D4V2 with XPL and 18350 short tube. 4000 lumen in such a small form factor is quite amazing too – for a few seconds though.