Keychain Light and GPS tracking/key finder

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Keychain Light and GPS tracking/key finder

Hey guys. My apologies, I am completely new to this forum after purchasing a hefty amount of Sofrin lights.

I was thinking… maybe this is a terrible idea or has already been done. I hate the thought of having a having a flashlight, even small, on my key chain because it only serves one purpose. Now, I dont know about you guys, but wouldnt it be cool if it had a dual purpose to have a gps and/or bluetooth ability to sync to your phone or other device? So I could ping the location of my keys and it would have a AAA or AA rechargable light?

Can it be done??

Anthony Nguyenn
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Here you go.
Of course the idea is great. However, it’s always about execution. Most of these products are just crappy or half-baked. A product like this would only fit a very “niche” market. A flashaholic would never lose his/her flashlight (always Edc Cool ) or they just have to many flashlights laying around (most of the cases :D), they can always grab few other ones nearby.

I got a better idea, why don’t you just attach a Tile to your flashlight or accumulate more lights so does not matter how many you lose, you always have one or few around. Wink Cash

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Bluetooth tags like Tile etc might be suitable. I’ve got a bunch of similar BLE trackers with a piezo speaker but the PCB is shaped around a CR2032. If you’re in range, you can play an alarm.

You could look for small GPS trackers with WCDMA / LTE mobile capability. Send an SMS and get the approximate location. An alarm may be ideal if the location is off by 50+ meters. Check for internal photos of prospective devices to see if you can easily rehouse them… unless you want to build from scratch.