[Closed] Sofirn C01S with Nichia E21A 98CRI R9050/9080

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Lux-Perpetua wrote:

I’m sorry to tell you that Sofirn will probably no longer pursue the development of this model. I have talked to Barry today. Sofirn still has difficulties sourcing Nichia E21A emitters from their supplier(s). Eventually, they will focus on other flashlight projects. Therefore, I see no chance but to suspend this project. Sad Maybe the concept can be salvaged and continued by another manufacturer someday.

Lux, thank you for the time and effort you invested in spearheading this project.
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I second that emotion, thanks Lux for the efforts. These would have been some sweet little flashlights.


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Lux, thanks for trying.

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does this also means there will be no 3 modes c01s using other led in the future?

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Thanks a lot for your great support and confidence. I will keep on trying to find another manufacturer who may be able to develop something similar. Maybe even Hank Wang might be interested, who knows. I will ask him. Wink

Tendou wrote:
does this also means there will be no 3 modes c01s using other led in the future?

I do not know about Sofirn's further plans regarding C01S. I suggested them to use the 3 mode UI for C01S as well. I can only guess but the odds look good they will eventually use this UI on C01S, too. Same applies for any other tint/color.

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Someone mentioned some days ago that Hank is not interested in making AAA/AA sized/compatible flashlights.

I think if we get the C01S hosts without LED and a reel of nice LEDs we could reflow it ourselves (or a few of us with shipping to other members). With all the work and additional shipping it might cost a bit more.