Banggood Announces its Summer Prime Sale for 2020 with Up to 50% Off on Select Products+Giveaway ended

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Banggood Announces its Summer Prime Sale for 2020 with Up to 50% Off on Select Products+Giveaway ended

Hello BLF Friends,


How are you? Here is a good news to share with all of you: The Chinese e-commerce platform, Banggood has started its Summer Prime Sale for 2020, and will run until July 24.

The sale covers products from home appliances and consumer electronics goods to fashion items. Buyers can get up to 50% on sale items from brands such as Xiaomi, Blitzwolf, and Eachine.


The Banggood sale Summer Prime Sale 2020 will happen in five stages.

  • The first stage which lasts until July 9 is for browsing and reserving products.
  • July 9 – 11 is the second stage which will have the first wave of big discounts.
  • The third wave (July 11 – 19) offers a big discounted price for 1000+ of the latest released products.
  • Another wave of big discounts arrives from July 19 – 21
  • The biggest discounts will hit on the fifth and final stage from July 21 – 24.

To follow the schedule of the stages, visit the official website.

More informtion, also can click here:


Hot Sale Product

3162m Long Range Super Light


Coupon Code: BGMF05

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

EDC Flashlight Clip Penlight


Coupon Code: BGA02

Expired Date:  2020-07-31

For 18650 26650 AAA

Extra 20% OFF


Expired Date:2020-07-31

LED Flashlight

Extra 20% OFF


Expired Date: 2020-07-31

LED Flashlight

Extra 20% OFF

Coupon Code: BGWUBENSS

Expired Date: 2019-12-31

LED Flashlight

Extra 20% OFF


Expired Date: 2020-07-31


Part #2 Giveaway

Hello to all of Banggood’s friends here in BLF. Thank you very much for your support all the time.

We are celebrating our big Spring Sale, and as usual, yours truly will again be assisting and hosting a simple giveaway by banggood for you guys!



Astrolux EC03 EDC Flashlight

Blitzwolf BW-SC3 Body Fat Scale

Blitzwolf® BW-FYE7 TWS bluetooth 5.0 Earphone

(Winners can choose one prize above,  you can PM me what prize you want, and i will send it to you)

1. Post in this thread anything about Banggood OR some photos, jokes and so on.
2. Post only once, and that’ll be your entry. Please no duplicate accounts.Your post number is your lucky number.
3.This giveaway starts July 7th and will end on July 31st, 2020. will be used to determine the lucky post numbers.
5. Rules subject to change without notice.


Have fun and post away guys!

Notice: 3 winners, and these 3 winners will be choosing by

9% discount for all flashlight & Lasers

coupon code: 4BLF




Business inquiry


Skype: swiling88


After Sales Problems:


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Banggood-2020 summer-prime-sale

For Hot Flashlights

Extra 30% OFF

Coupon Code: BGSM30%

Expired Date: 2020-07-25

Camping Work Light


Coupon Code: Pro

Expired Date: 2020-07-25

Rechargeable Flashlight


Coupon Code: BGNEXTOOL1

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

Torch Searching Camping Light


Coupon Code: BGEC03JL

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

EDC LED Flashlight


Coupon Code: BGFW21PRO

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

EDC LED Flashlight


Coupon Code: BGMH20L2

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

Battery Charger


Coupon Code: BGNTUM4

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

LED Keychain Flashlight


Coupon Code: BGRSTKRU

Expired Date: 2020-07-31

LED Ceiling Light


Coupon Code: Pro

Expired Date: 2020-07-31


9% discount for all flashlight & Lasers

coupon code: 4BLF




Business inquiry


Skype: swiling88


After Sales Problems:


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I love Banggood. Great price

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I’ve lost track of time searching for things on Banggood. Cool

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Well, why not. Let me try my luck.

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I don’t know what to say…Banggood

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I hate shopping in store but if Banggood had a retail store I’d spend half my life in there.

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I made my first order from Banggood two weeks ago. When everyone in my region is asleep except me, Banggood is awake. 

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Thanks for the opportunity, Banggood Thumbs Up . I’m in!

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Have made a couple orders on Banggood already, everything was fine so far. However it seems like everything is on sale all the time, that’s a bit confusing and makes it harder to find actually good deals.

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Banggood has a relatively fast and easy shipping option for those who dislike having extra fees put on; EU priority line. That’s why I almost only order from them to Sweden.

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Just checked my spreadsheet. These lights I bought from you (eh. ….not the SK68).

Plus a lot of group-buy and Special Edition lights.
And almost all of my 30Q batteries.

In return I would be very happy to win the
Astrolux® EC03 3x XHP50.2 6700LM High Lumen Andúril UI Compact EDC Flashlight

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Out of the big three, BangGood has always been very consistent and easy to reach

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I’m in!

About banggood: on banggood I have found/purchased most of my electronic gadgets, flashlights, chargers and batteries.

So far so good.

Thanks and congrats!

Please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel (flashlights, electronic gadgets and various stuff..)

I am a beginner. So please help me to make the channel "grow up"


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I am big fan of banggood .

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I also love to buy from Banggood. Also have good experience with them and big deals.

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Go Banggood!


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Banggood is a good source for many items.
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Whenever you Bang, Banggood!

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I am fan of Banggood.
Thanks and congrats!

Sorry for my poor english.

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Im` have been a Banggood’s customer for six years.
I’m VIP4

Sorry for my bad English
(google translator) , (

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Thank you for the GAW Banggood, I hope I win this one. Smile

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I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve lost track of time on BANGGOOD. I’ve bought lights, toys, dental gizmos I’ve never used and charging cables for my entire family on there and I still love browsing the site and offers daily.

Thanks fot the GAW Banggood Cool

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It’s about time I try my luck. Thanks.

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I Love the COD feature on your payment. I discover that the shipping is faster if i choose COD compare to other payment. It might be because the faster you deliver, the faster you get the money. Lol

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Thanks for the opportunity to win in this giveaway! I’ve had very good experiences ordering from Banggood.

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Already got some good deals from Banggood. Thanks for the giveaway!

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I am an old customer of Banggood because they have a lot of great stuff that no other company sells. Great stuff.

I am in! Thanks bg!

This post/thread "may" contain referrals, a little contribution I "earn" in form of points ONLY if you buy the item. The purpose is to redeem items using the points and then making reviews of them in the forums to shar

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Ordered 2 flashlights right now from banggood Smile

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Wow awesome! Thank you.

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Banggood made my wallet moan for buying too many great flashlights. Big Smile

Thanks for the giveaway!