90,000 Lumens from 8 AAA's - Wow!

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peg matite
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90,000 Lumens from 8 AAA's - Wow!

XHP50 and XHP70 and you can even use it in the rain!


I would settle for being able to get green Lo-Hi C01S from Amazon…

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its 900 lumen maybe Facepalm

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So bright. Even the military banned it!

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that darn military!!

if i buy one, are they going to come to my house and confiscate it?

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And people have no idea what 90000 lumens at that distance will do to your eyes…
Guess that is not common sense

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In the product description section you will find this.

1. Output: 1200 Lumens
2. Led: XM-L T6 LED
3. LED life: >100,000 hours
4. Light color: White
5. Battery Configurations: 8xAAA (not included)
6. 3 switch Mode: high / middle / low /
7. Material: Made of Air-craft grade Durable Aluminum Alloy
8. Reflector: Aluminum smooth reflector
9.Super Bright, blinding effect
10.Weather, Water, and Shock Resistant

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There are only three possibilities: It is Budget, or junk, or sub-junk.

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Surprised it isn’t “Amazon’s choice”.

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richbuff wrote:
There are only three possibilities: It is Budget, or junk, or sub-junk.

sub sub junk.
bovine fecal matter as usual.
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Caca del toro. Has a nice ring to it. For climbing, trekking, resque, firefighting, edc, leo’s, warzones, and reading under the blanket.

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Looks like a “P.T. Barnum Special”. (There’s one born every minute)