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Hello BLF!

Hello Everyone!

I’m happy to be part of this forum, especially seeing how many helpful and knowledgeable members are on here. I hope to make a meaningful contribution as I gain more knowledge and experience. Recently, I restarted my love of flashlights after reading Zak’s Solstice series of posts on Reddit. I started years ago with a purchase of an Inova X5, Maratac AAAx2 titanium; more recently with a Wowtac A2S, FW3A, FW3T, and awaiting a KR4.

I gave my 6 year old daughter her first flashlight and this is what she drew for me. (She’s holding a Thrunite Ti3 NW).

Looking forward to Andúril 2 (if TK decides to move forward). The simplified and lower power interface may mean I can play with more flashlights with my kids.

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Welcome back scalpel_ninja,
Way to go to get your kid into the flashlight hobby. The Ti3 NW is a nice choice. I recommend DinoBryte – T-Rex Dinosaur LED Headlamp to complete her collection … for now. Party

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Thanks for stopping by, scalpel_ninja!