Help me find/buy an EDC pouch?

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Help me find/buy an EDC pouch?

Recently I’ve been looking into upping my EDC game and purchasing some small, durable EDC pouches.

Initially I was looking for something similar to my old Tamrac memory card wallet but with zipped sides instead of small memory card holders.

But after a good few days of searching and coming up with nothing I ditched that idea. Everything I saw was either in the bulky military style, or had terrible management inside, or was just ridiculously overpriced.

This lead me to just look for any small nylon pouches with no management inside or just one or two big pockets. Turns out there aren’t many choices for that either, not this side of the pond anyway. The best I could find is by Fjallraven but unfortunately they’re much bigger than I want.

To all the US peeps, you have so many options over there! The best I’ve found so far that fits my needs is the TOPO Designs Micro Accessory Bag . They look well made, good quality materials, nice range of colours, and affordable at $15. Only kicker is shipping to UK is $40! I managed to find a few retailers in the UK and EU but seemingly noone selling the micro size (or if they were there was a crazy markup).

Does anyone know where to buy these micro pouches in the UK/EU for a reasonable price? Or anyone in the US who sells them and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for shipping? OR… is there a kind soul out there that can buy some for me and ship them in a large envelope? Happy to compensate accordingly.

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Plenty of good choices and reasonable prices here:
The only drawback is the waiting time, it takes several weeks to arrive but if you aren’t in a rush, great stuff is to be had.

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I don’t know much about single pocket zippered pouches, but I have several maxpedition pouches and they’re great (mini, fatty and the admin). Very heavy duty but these are not refined looking.

So I’ve been eyeing the Dango CA01 carryall pouch, which looks more in line for EDC use. The size is good enough for a knife, pen and small prybar and the other side to store a compact external SSD. Not sure if a flashlight would make it too bulky. They regularly run sales so I’m waiting for the right price to order. I have the D01 wallet and the quality is quite nice.

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It may also be worth looking into pocket slips and organizers. They can have a smaller EDC footprint than pouches. I use an older version of the Arc Company Quickdraw to hold a small multi-tool and a Bic lighter. (I don’t smoke but I was raised with the idea that all men should be able to cut things, tell the time, and make fire.) Benefits include fixing the orientation of items in a pocket and being able to add or remove EDC items as a group.

Here is a link to their Etsy Store. There are other companies who make things like this but this is the only brand I’ve tried personally.

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I have an Arc wallet and it is great! The owner is super kind and the products have awesome quality!! Thumbs Up

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