How important is moon-mode to BLFers?

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How important is moon-mode to BLFers?
I don't care
9% (13 votes)
Nice to have
19% (28 votes)
Moon mode is a necessary feature
32% (48 votes)
Moon mode and "low follows moon" are necessary features
41% (61 votes)
Total votes: 150
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Edit after the first few postings were made:

I mean especially EDCs, not e.g. throwers.

Very few manufacturers do it right imo. Moon should be moon, i.e. produce about 0.2 lx near you. And I think it is not clever when a flashlight cannot be reliably switched to another low mode after moon.

My goal is to have a thread to prove to manufacturers that it is important. If it can be proven, that is.

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I’m going to say yes and no.
Moonlight-mode is necessary for me in edc-size lights and also in headlamps. Not so necessary on throwers and other bigger/specific lights.

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Moon mode is underestimated by many new flashaholics.

It’s compareable with the rat race of megapixels in phones which started years ago.
You don’t need 26 Megapixels, all you need is a good lens, but hey, mainstream says ‘more is better you know’ Wink

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I'm sure it's important to many BLF members, but I never use moon mode myself.

It doesn't annoy me like disco modes -- I just don't use it.

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I am ok with a “low” mode, it doesn’t have to be moon. In many of my lights “moon” is too low for most use cases, short of being outside at night (which is never the case for me) or being in a pitch black room (again, never a reality).

When you are outside with sunlight “moon” mode won’t do anything. chances are you would need significant amount of light to make it work.

So this is an exception for me, it doesn’t mean the feature doesn’t have any value.

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Moon is my most used mode.

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I’d rather have it than not. Sometimes it’s easy to forgot how bright C01 (about 6-8lumens) can be in pitch black environment. Firefly and moonlight are lower output and are good for those situations. Outdoors it’s overpowered by light pollution and competes with actual moonlight.

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Moon mode is very important to me. When I need to navigate a dark hallway with dark-adjusted eyes, the 8 lumens of my Fenix e12 is far too much.

My older Thrunite T10 with some DC fix on the lens is just right at around 0.1-0.2 lumens and good flood.


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The “have to be prepared” side of me requires every light to have moon mode for extended runtime in any emergency situation.

But the practical side of me has never needed moon mode in any real life situation. In fact blasting full turbo mode in full darkness is what I tend to do, it’s fun.

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If this is an EDC it must have a ML mode and ML must be accessible from off with total reliability… not even the slighest brighter blink when ML is wanted. I use ML virtually every night.

I would also like the ability to switch up to the low level from ML with ease, but the absence of this is NOT a deal breaker like the absence of ML is.

Throwers, lanterns and other special use lights do not need ML IMO.

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i have used MM several times during extended power outages.
flashlight stays in MM as a kind of “night-light”.
it’s more important during camping trips.
i don’t make a buy or no buy decision
based upon MM, so i vote “nice”.

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For my edc, I prefer two-mode lights, one at 10-15 lumens; the other 100%, usually at 500-1000 lumens.
I do not like to turn it on, then switch to a higher mode. So a 4-mode light does not get any use from me.
I also require there is no mode memory.
The only exception is for a tent light, which I need moon light mode so I can leave it on through the night.

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Moon mode for me is a totally useless level for my 68 year old eyes so I’d have to say it’s not important at all Party

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Voted nice to have. This seems to be a dealbreaker for most flashaholics. I feel visible PWM is more of a dealbreaker for myself.

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For an EDC light moon mode is mandatory for my use.

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What I’ve learned in over 8 years of buying modern lights is that one man’s moon-mode is another man’s high.


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Once my eyes are dark-adapted, anything over about 1 lumen is too bright.

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ChrisGarrett wrote:
What I’ve learned in over 8 years of buying modern lights is that one man’s moon-mode is another man’s high.

ML mode makes me high.

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Depending on the light, I really like a moon mode I can get to from off.
Then from there to low. Or a memorized setting.
Even the Big SP70 has a lower direct mode, not in the usual range.
It’s brighter than moon, but handy non the less for up close without killing my night vision.
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Very. I only use my Nichia S2+ in the bedroom before sleep for that reason – 0.1% mode with its 4×7135 is a proper moonlight mode that none of the other torches I like have. The low mode on both my Lumintop Tools (AA 2.0 and AAA CRI) is much too bright, it kills my sleep.

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Moon mode really important especially for indoor use (kids).

But so many caveats. Need shortcut from off to moon. Don’t memorize moon mode – either no memory at all or remember modes other than moon. So many otherwise good lights remember moon mode and I don’t understand why – you can already get to moon from off, memory for moon makes it harder to use for everyone.

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Moon is nice to have, buy not a dealbreaker for a light. It definitely has a place. In a EDC light it’s invaluable, but in something like a dedicated thrower type, not so much.

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Moon mode is necessary for Warm White lights only, which I use at night time before I sleep or for bathroom walks. I don’t care about moon mode for CW lights.

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If it don’t have <1 lumen mode, I don’t buy it.

My cataract-filled eyes still don’t need to be blinded inside a dark building.

I set up all my zebralights with a bunch of low-light modes, and only the top two have high lumens.

I even use my GT Micro at 1/3 to illuminate deer 150’ away.

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The lowest mode that is available on all of my lights is ok/fine with me. I classify lights based on lumens specs based on upper end, not the lower end. The only time I use ultra low mode is to see what the emitter(s) look(s) like when it(they) are powered on. My smallest light that has a higher lowest mode is Imalent MS03, at 150 lumens. I have to admit that maybe a little lower than that could possibly be a little better.

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Moon mode is nice to have, but rarely do I use it. The only time I do is when I’m away from home and I don’t want the bedroom totally dark all night. It’s amazing how your eyes will adjust to minuscule lumens enough to not bang into something on the way to the bathroom. And if I ever got stuck in a cave, the moon mode on 1 of my ZebraLights will last several months.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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My wife goes to bed much earlier than me. I use ML every night to navigate my way into the bedroom. We don’t use any night lights anywhere. With all the trees around us plus closed shades it is usually darkish to very dark inside. Years ago I had better night vision, not so great anymore. A ML flashlight saves me from bashing a tow or someting and is dim enough that I won’t disturb anyone who is sleeping. ML is more than sufficient light for this.

I use a FW3A with the later version of Anduril in which if the light is set to use ramping and the light is electronically locked, a press-hold (1H) gives ML and a click, click & hold (2H) gives the low floor level that the non-ramped levels is set to. I find that ideal for night (ML) and daytime peering in cupboards (Low by 2H).

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Use moon every nite.

D4 right next to me on the nite stand for a piss run in my large totally dark master bedroom/bathroom. Not wanting to turn on bright room lite that will just make it even harder to fall back asleep, my nichia d4 is my choice, its the perfect nite piss light imo… Not sure how many lumen my d4 has when grabbing the lite and holding in the button till it just lites up with a nice warm eye soothing real low moon glow,, perfect for a tail stand candle on back of the toilet with no eye strain…

Got to love Narsil for predictability… as fiddling with tail button modes half asleep blinding yourself with mega lumen by mistake is troublesome for some of us…

d4 Moon is even a good nooky light, tail standing on the headboard reflecting off the mirror puts a nice low glow on….


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When camping in groups, the old method for not blinding everyone was to hold your hand over the light and only let a little crack escape. So the only thing that has changed is that this can now be accomplished much more conveniently and efficiently. It was always a necessary feature, even before it was an option.

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Using a light outdoors in an urban environment, low (about 10 Lumens) was my preferred lowest mode. But when my eyes are accustomed to black, that moon mode is a savior. Problem is some lights don’t behave the same, and I get a memorised last level ON w/ the long press. Ouch!

So yeah, Moon (or Firefly) as a separate setting from the main sequence. I prefer the long press to Moon with another long press to OFF.