Samsung LH351D 6500K Look and Feel

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Samsung LH351D 6500K Look and Feel

Hows the look for the LH351D @ 6500K? Is it still the usual white/bluish look like every other 6500K led? I’m trying to decide if I should go for the 6500K option for the Manker E14 III in the Manker Muscle Combo group buy.
Mind you I do have various 4000K and 6500K flashlights already. Just wondering if it the same 6500K look. I only have one other LH351D flashlight which is 5000K.

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I was trying to decide the same but went for the 4000k since I already have Lh351d in 6000k (in my FC11) and 5000k (in my Sp36 and WK30).

Here’s a beam comparison between the 6000k and the 5000k.

I don’t know how far the 6000k is from 6500k but I think they should be very close, if not the same.

Another question I have is whether the 4000k (neutral white) emitter is going to give you the max 4000 lumens on the spec sheet. Some on the thread were doubting that. I’d love to go with a full 4000 lumen on this little edc light. I have my D4SV2 sst20-4000k for high CRI.

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I’m interested in beam shots of the 3500k version too.

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Hank33 wrote:
6500K? Is it still the usual white/bluish look like every other 6500K led?


6500k will always look blue compared to warmer color temperatures