Mission: Create LED Panel Simulating Frosted Skylight

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Mission: Create LED Panel Simulating Frosted Skylight

Just moved into a place that we love except for one thing – the very few windows on the main floor make for the dungeon feeling when coming inside on a sunny day.

Since we’re renting, installing an actual skylight isn’t an option. I got inspiration from this video and these forums to build an edge-lit panel with an assortment of CCTs in LED Strip form.

The goal is to have the color temp change throughout the day to make it as realistic as possible, aside from after the sun is completely down, in which case they’ll contribute to ambient light, so an assortment of dimmable CCTs is necessary.

Until recently I thought I’d solidified my plan to use Auxma’s CRI95 24V strips, since their CRI, output, and tint for the price seem unmatched.

Now I’m discovering the small PCBs from Virence and Sunlikelamp along with the Optisolis and Sunlike LEDs, which up the CRI ante even more, so I’m wondering if there are legitimate considerations between them for this application? The key benefit that interests me is the low-blue light content of the Sunlike LEDs in particular.

Anyway, here’s the spec I’d established for the Auxma strips. Note the plan is to build the grey box out aluminum (I’m learning to tig weld). I know very little about how to calculate the amount of heatsinking needed, so the sketch includes an idea to extend the long sides with fins to try to handle the heat passively. Would these be necessary? Or will I need them and some sort of active solution as well? Would I need the vents as sketched in the short sides? If so how would I prevent or minimize the light leak?



I look forward to your thoughts!

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