It's 2020..... if you had to pick TWO flashlights from your collection to make your gear bag... which ones would you chose?

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It's 2020..... if you had to pick TWO flashlights from your collection to make your gear bag... which ones would you chose?

Nowadays there are excellent flashlight choices from many quality manufacturers available.
My collection is starting to take up a whole bag by itself…. so from a practicallity perspective, I am faced with thinking about which Primary and Secondary flashlight I would chose if I could only chose to keep 2 with me — while leaving all others behind (i.e. because the spouse is giving you an ultimatum or becaue you are about to embark on whatever extended quest awaits).
These chosen ones need not necessarily be stored away in a Bug-out Bag nor am I really envisioning this to be a SHTF type scenario where 14500/AA based lights would seemingly be the preferred choice.

Currently my top 2 candidates are:

Eagtac TX3(21700 based with USB C charging and can function as a powerbank

and Fenix HM61R (18650 based headlamp with red LED)

As much as I love my Anduril based lights (Sofirn SP36 & IF25A as well as Astrolux EC01) I can not put any of them into this“Only 2” category. Though I am still awaiting delivery on Sofirn SC31 Pro and BLF LT1, so things may change soon.


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Acebeam X65 and Emisar D18vvn 18 x W2. Wait.... not so fast....... X45 vn boosted to 25000 lumens and Noctigon KR1 vn 90.2.  Wait........ not so fast..... Astrolux EC03 and Imalent R90TS.    Wait..... not so fast..... Emisar D4V2 vn W2 and MS18.    Wait.... not so fast..... I need more time to think about this. Imalent MS03 and FW4a vn W2.  Uhmmm....  uhhhh.... TM9K and NSX53.......  .... ...


Can I post back it a few weeks and make it BLF GT94 and HK90?

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Acebeam X65
Fenix HL55

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Only two lights, wow that’s tough. Well one would have to be usb chargeable with a wide range of lighting output and very dependable. High lumen would not be a big factor for me but rather long running and practical. This is harder then I thought it would be…… I could do three, two is just to hard to choose, One would be my Nitecore MH27 do to it having red blue and green emitters and very good run times with a max output of 1000lms. I’d have to have a semi powerhouse but not to large with halfway decent throw. I’d pick my Acebeam L30 or maybe my Astrolux MF01 mini with diffuser. My last choice would be a headlamp and I only own two. So between the MC30 and Wizard pro it would have to be the Wizard pro because of its many lighting levels. I have a model 1300 Pelican case where I keep my, got to go right now flashlight gear in.

Doug S.

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Probably one is my Sofirn sp10s since it takes AA alkaline cells and lithium ion. Or my D10 headlamp with sst40 with usb charging. Of course, a brighter light with micro USB charging so that’s the L17.

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Surefire U2 and K40M

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For my small collection, one would definitely be the D4S vn. I carry it every night with a thrower no one else on this forum would suggest, ThruNite Cat V6. Not my best thrower, but it can take a beating and just plain works for my use in the woods or brush. The other throwers can be fickle. Still, I would have to leave it behind and take the BLF LT1 lantern. All those single 18650 lights are for the city folk, LOL. But whatever works for you!

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Does the BLF LT1 lantern count? If so, that and the BLF GT4. The lantern will give me long runtimes and lots of light at close distance. The GT4 will give me tons of light long distance if needed with long runtimes at lower levels. And I can use the lantern to recharge the GT4 batteries!

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Sofirn Q8 (with XPL-HI emitters) WITH a factory diffuser; and Boruit D-25 twin led headlamp- All loaded with Panny B’s

It’s all about getting the most functionality and run-time out of the two lights. Using interchangeable (true and tried) batteries with higher capacity helps with all aspects of what the “BOB” (Bug Out Bag) is all about. The Q8 can run on lower levels using one ONE 18650, and the headlamp is a hands free tool that no hand-held light can replace for function as it gives me TWO hands.

My headlamps ARE my MOST used lights by FAR. My first led light WAS a good old C8 head on the floppy head-set- about 8 yrs back. I still own and USE it every hunting season as it has TWO 18650s- so run time rocks! Also has killer throw and hum… maybe that would be the headlamp I’d take after-all?

Now that said, I’ll never have a BOB as I’m not leaving my rural location in ANY case. That IS where ALL the lights, guns, ammo, food, dynamite (and scotch) is Big Smile

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Zappaman what time is dinner? lol

Katherine Alicia
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Definitely my 3000k Convoy M3, it`s a rock solid build with a no nonsense UI. Next would be the Manker E03 MkII also a solid build with a very simple UI, between the two I`d be able to cover sub-lumen levels to light up the whole room levels and lots in between that I can use in any weather.

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I had to work on both of them to make them reliable; my LT FW3X and NC D11.2. The FW for its powerful beam and the D11 for its easy to find battery.

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Ouch. This is making me feel vulnerable. My headlamps (skilhunt and ArmyTek) use special cables to recharge, which isn’t very useful to have to bug out with. My USB-C flashlights are too big (sofirn sp36) or use battery that can’t share with headlamp (IF25A). My only portable 18650 USB C rechargable flashlight is a wurkkos FC11 that acts up sometimes.

I guess I’d bring my ArmyTek headlamp and zebralight AA headlamp.

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I would take one of my AA-battery size lights, it would be Lumintop EDC05 or Jetbeam Jet-I MK and one of my AAA-battery size, either the Olight i3T or Jetbeam SE-A01, for backup. I think AA/ AAA battery are easier to get in the market.

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Even with my small collection this would be a difficult choice. Does the Ti3 count? It is so small and always with me. Don’t think I could give it up. That would only leave one light. C8? SC31 Pro? TN4a? Tough choice. OTOH any combination would be a solid choice.

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Only two is really tough but if that’s all I get then it would be these two.

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I would carry 2-18350’s, and 2-18650’s. To be used in the Sofirn SC31 Pro, and Sofirn SP40. They can share the SP40’s 18350 tube, as an option.

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I figured that I would need a right-angled light for its versatility, complemented with a compact thrower for long distance.
Both needs to come with integrated charging, and good waterproof.

Attribute ArmyTek Elf-C2 Lumintop ODL20C Comment
Role Flooder, Headlamp, Work light Thrower Covers most use cases
Lumen 1050 2000 Acceptable
Intensity 4.5k cd 185k cd Covers most use cases
Size length 112mm Diameter 29mm length 147.5 diameter 59mm Both compact
Battery 18650 26650 Common Li-ion battery type
Charging MicroUSB USB-C Build-in charger for both, covers most USB chargers
IP rating IP68 (10 meter) IPX8 (2 meter) Good waterproof
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Emisar D4S
Manker MK36

MK36 has built in charging and can double as a power bank. Wall of light.

If I knew I would need a big thrower: (and only if)

Convoy L6
Manker MK36

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Tool AAA w spare eneloop, and Jetbeam Rotary w 18350 and 16340

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Olight S2R II and Olight M2R.
Or if I need a very floody light, Olight Baton Pro instead of the S2R II.

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Sirstinky wrote:
Probably one is my Sofirn sp10s since it takes AA alkaline cells and lithium ion. Or my D10 headlamp with sst40 with usb charging. Of course, a brighter light with micro USB charging so that’s the L17.

I’m thinking your answer would be my answer. It would be nice to have 2 headlamps, but having the AA or Lion option would be nice. So a SP10S and something like a Sofirn SP40 or Sofirn D25S both of which are 18650 headlamps with USB charging capability.