Does Convoy Have any Newer Throwers Better than the XinTD??

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Does Convoy Have any Newer Throwers Better than the XinTD??

Hey all.

I’d like to pick up a new light or 2 and would like one if them to be a thrower. I have an XinTD that works pretty well but some of these comments I am reading about new or semi-new Convoy lights seem to really outperform the XinTD light. I was just looking at pics and reading short snippets and promotional type stuff.

I like the Convoy lights. They feel like they’re made well and are pretty reliable. I do have one that has a broken tail switch that I need to get parts for, but that’s ok.

As for what I want, I’d like a thrower that is better than my XinTD. I’d also like to keep the size of the new light to about that size or maybe slightly larger. I don’t want one of the pop can sized lights right now. If the new Convoy is a USB rechargeable, even better. I did see that the new lights I saw took the 21700 cell, I think. I don’t mind going to a larger cell as long as I can charge it in the same charger I use for 18650 cells.

I’d also like to pick up another smaller sized light that would be good for all around use in the house, under the car, just general stuff like that.

Any ideas you can pass on will be appreciated.

I am not wedded to getting a Convoy. It’s just the only brand I have any experience with. If there are other brands that have lights like I would want, I’m not opposed to buying them. If it works good and is fairly priced, I’m interested.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all.

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What kind of XinTD you got?