What 14500 light should I get? Best regulation?

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What 14500 light should I get? Best regulation?

So I have some efest purple and keeppower protected (that doesn’t make contact with my lumintop tool 2.0) 14500s

What should light should I get to make the most out of them? Ideally,I’m looking the most efficient light at the 300-500 lumen range. Constant current isn’t as popular as it used to be?

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Perhaps look at what Zebralight are still offering for 14500’s? But emmiters used are not to everyone’s liking.

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First off… welcome to BLF!

Some 14500 with good regulation… Skilhunt M150, Wuben E05. I’m sure there are others but these are the first two that come to mind. Granted, they come with their own batteries so if you’re looking for a home for your current batteries, that won’t really help you out any.

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Sofirn SP10s. Super little light for $15 shipped from Sofirnlight.com. I have about five of the older versions and they are very well made- built like little “tanks” and we use them daily- never a problem. The SP10s also has a better led than my old models- the newer LD351d (in 5k). I’m grabbing one on my next Sofirn order. Thumbs Up


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I have Xtar, Olight and Nitecore 14500’s batteries, all of the are protected. They work well on my Lumintop EDC05, Jetbeam Jet-I MK and Sofirn SP10S.

Agree with @Zappaman, the SP10S is a worth to buy, the features are good and tint looks nice. Hope you find yours soon.

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I doubt the Sofirn SP10s is regulated. Olight has a 14500 baton and Olight drivers are the regulated and most efficient. But they only offer CW.

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Well Lumintop GT Micro uses 14500, but its a bit different what you are looking for. Still worth checking it out. Its even got beautiful copper version just a little while ago. Too bad its not coated which is must for me if I’m ever getting any copper lights.

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Wuben launched a new 14500 flashlight the C5 . If they keep the same track, I guess this will have good regulation too !

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Thanks for the welcome
I’ll look into the Wubens and Skillhunt
Seems like most lights from these new brands only do FET regulators

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My Vapcells didn’t work in my Tool, so put a small blob of solder on them.

It’s a good option, but far more boring than buying a new light I guess Smile

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I love both my Zebralight SC52, and Lumintop GT Micro (pencil beam).

Both have a large number of lumen levels (the SC52 has 6 quickly available, and three of those levels can be programmed).

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My tool wont screw down all the way with the keeppower protected

FET drivers like the Lumintop GT Micro run in direct drive above a certain current, right? At that current, it’s regulated, and then below, it uses PWM?

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Wuben has C5 on sale at amazon for $25 with a 40% of discount. So about $16 and has magnetic base and usb 14500 rechargeable battery. Just ordered one today!