Need a driver recommendation for strobe light

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Need a driver recommendation for strobe light

I’m making a small and powerful strobe light for my ultralight aircraft, and it only needs to do one thing, blink 40 times per minute. I was thinking of using a flashlight driver along with a 18650. I have a metal shop and can mill out a proper aluminum housing for any driver size, so there are no size/shape restrictions.

Can anyone recommend a driver that I can easily program to only blink at this single frequency (1-mode), and provide about 6,000ma of power or about 20+W of output? Voltage output isn’t a problem because I can just arrange the LEDs to suit the voltage.

I much prefer something off the shelf, and found this but not sure how to reprogram it.

Any ideas?


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If you don’t need anything fancy you could probably use a 555 + a FET + current limiting resistor and when you want it to work you plug it in. It will be dimmer after a while of course as the voltage drops as there will j and don’t expect the battery to last a long time because at 6A you’ll get what, half an hour or a bit more on it. If I’m incorrect in something please correct me my electronics knowledge is a bit rusty.

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Not sure if there’s a way to “lock it in” so that it happens by simply turning it on/off, but you can program “beacon” in a driver with Andouille that flashes every 1sec or 2sec. When you go into blinky-mode, it’d come on with that. But I’m not sure if you need to click your way to blinky-mode or if it comes on with a simple on/off.

Else yeah, just a custom circuit to blink that way.

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