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Friggen DX live chat

I swear they know when I log on to my account. Oh sure, your available, but once I submit a question you change to "your not available at this time". Contact you for further details about my refund credit through my cse#? HOW?? I swear, the. last. time. I deal with you people.Yell

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I just got a response to a customer service request yesterday. I made the request on February 2. They say they are behind 7-10 working days, but it is more like 14 working days.

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Oh they are 5hite at the moment!   I just keep opening a ticket every 48hrs until they answer me.  That is after waiting 45 mins at a time on live chat, to no avail.



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Placed my order on 2-4-12 and the status has showed packing since then. Caught the live chat online and they assured me my order would ship out within 3 days. That was 10 days ago. How difficult is it to email me what the delay is? Its the  not knowing whats going on that is annoying. My first order with them only took about 14 days from order to doorstep. |(