Dealextremes new "What happened to your Order" Video.??

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Dealextremes new "What happened to your Order" Video.??


In case anyone hasn't seen this.

Great VideoUndecided

Maybe they should take as much effort sending out products and getting supplies from manufacturers, as they do in making videos.

I know, I'm a bitter old man. Hopefully by June we will be able to actually order and have it shipped within two days.

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I just left them a comment.  There's no excuse for listing "new arrivals" and then immediately listing the item as waiting for supplier.  Don't list it as a new arrival until it has actually arrived, you dishonest @#%@! @!#%.!!!


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dthrckt wrote:

Don't list it as a new arrival until it has actually arrived, you dishonest @#%@! @!#%.!!!

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I got that video. It doesn't explain why my order was not shipped after 50 days. Paypal agreed and refunded me.

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I have never had a problem with them other than really long waits. I just had to file my first PayPal dispute and claim ever. They never even responded to the dispute. I have always kind of liked DX, like I said before no problems until now.

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Is a commercial that offend my brain and alters my patience :Sp

about the new arrivals maybe are stocked out by resellers(that also have the priority about us) and yes I hate that like you all |(

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All my orders with DX went pretty well, if the stuff was actually in stock. What bothers me most is, that basically everything is listed as "in stock" but when you place an order even weeks later it says "waiting for supplier".. thats why I cant really believe this "uhh we're gonna change everything" since this behaviour isnt new.

But I just cancelled two orders a few days ago and everything went fine with refund and so on..