Fandy Fire S3 T6

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Fandy Fire S3 T6

first real post so work with me here

Battery: Cr123/RCR123
Switch: Reverse Clicky
Modes: 5 Modes
LED Type: Cree Xml -t6
Lens: glass
Tailstands: Yes
Price Payed: $21.70
Date Ordered:

9th January 2012


26th February 2012

 Well my order from Dx finally got here so I got my light over all it is a win in my book but there is just one problem 2 of the 5 time i go to click it on it will not turn on. So not sure if it is the switch which is the consents that the reviews on Dx have come too. To me it seems like the driver messes up do to the fact went I leave it off in different modes it takes less clicks to turn it on again and when it is like that their is sometimes a flash that comes form the emitter.Could not find my multimeter to do and reads from the light.

On high my camera did not detect any pwn but on med and low it did.

Hard to tell from the pics but it does have a doughnut beam

Sorry about the pics not sure what ones are good or not.


on high

vs mini

vs Moded Mini-maglight

vs jetbeam

vs Jetbeam ibs II

vs p60

vs l2m with p60 xml drop in




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How many Amps does it pull?

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Welcome, and thanks for the review !!!

It sounds like you may have an intermittent contact in the switch area.  If you unscrew the stainless trim ring in the tail, you will see the switch.  Insert a tool in the two holes and turn clockwise until there is no more movement.  Re-install boot and trim ring.

Please let us know if this helps.

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