Cases for flashlights and knives.

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Cases for flashlights and knives.

I am looking for some budget flashlight and knife cases similar to this anybody have anything to recommend ?

Ideally I would like to put a 2 AA light with extra set of batteries, Enlan EL02 knife and a small leather man type tool and a lighter.    

 I found this as well different concept, but it might work.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you looked at the Nitize tool pouches?

Not really budget (depends on definition), but worth the money IMHO.

The Pock-its plus UH sells for less than 11$ on amazon and might meet your specs

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Not budget but I have one of these I have been wearing to work for over ten years and it still is like new except the leather is slightly softer. I believe it's just starting to break in and it will go another 10 years at least.

I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

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i carry the maxpedition mini pocket organizer almost everyday (around 18usd) with:


- spare AA ( usually charged trustfire 14500, around 4usd)

uni-ball® Jetstream™ Rollerball Pen, 0.7 point, black ( dozen for 28usd)

- Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Marker (dozen for 8usd)

- several credit card size magnifiers (free from banks, etc.)

- Nitecore d-10 or trustfire R5-A3 (trustfires for 13usd)

Sheffield 12812 Mini Precision 16-in-1 Folding Multi Tool ( amazon for 11usd)

-  3" Plain Hunter Blade Ka-Bar Dozier Folding Knife (all over for 15-17usd)

- folded bandana (about 4usd)

Hemostat Clamp, Curved Nose Serrated Jaw, 6" (SPC usually for 7usd)

- Bic disposable lighter ( 6 for 12usd)

total outlay 70 or 80usd,

fits in my left hand coat pocket,

remarkably useful

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I like your edc .

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i have a bigger one with a L2p/Manafont 3, Bill Hinderer rescue knife, small combat shears and Leatherman wave, but it weighs a ton and stays in my get-home-bag at work.

also, if the small one ever got lost or stolen i would be bummed but not destroyed. the larger one would be close to 200usd to replace.